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Microsoft Edge Headless Testing

Microsoft Edge Headless Testing

Today we've added support for Headless Testing on Microsoft Edge (Chromium).

Microsoft Edge

To get started, you can point your Puppeteer and Playwright scripts to our endpoint:

browserWSEndpoint: 'wss://edge.headlesstesting.com'

By default, we'll use the latest version of Edge (at the time of writing this is 80).

You can generate screenshots, PDFs and control the browser with your Puppeteer and Playwright scripts.

Microsoft Edge Options

We provide several options to customise your session with Edge:

  • Specify browserVersion. Use this option to switch to a different version than the one we provide by default (latest).
  • Change the startupFlags to specify how Edge needs to be started. You can use this for example to specify the initial browser width, or add/remove other flags.
  • For more options, please see our all options

Why should I automate with Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft's latest and greatest browser. It will be used by millions of people with a Windows computer. No doubt Microsoft will push this browser more to its user-base.

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