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PyTest Automated Testing with Playwright

PyTest Automated Testing with Playwright

Today we've added documentation on how to use PyTest and Playwright to run Automated Headless tests on our browser grid.

PyTest is a popular Python test framework, it allows you to write simple or complex tests. Below we'll show you how to write a simple PyTest test and run it on a headless browser instance on our cloud.


To get started, you should have Python installed. Next, we'll install PyTest and the playwright-python package with pip:

pip install playwright pytest
python -m playwright install

Once this is installed, you are ready to write your first test.

Please see the example below. This test will open a Chrome headless browser on the HeadlessTesting grid, navigate to our homepage and verify the title of the page.

import pytest
from playwright import sync_playwright

def browser():
  pw_context = sync_playwright()
  pw = pw_context.__enter__()
  browser = getattr(pw, "chromium").connect(wsEndpoint='wss://chrome.headlesstesting.com?token=[YOUR-TOKEN]')
  browser._close = browser.close

  def _handle_close() -> None:
    pw_context.__exit__(None, None, None)

  browser.close = _handle_close

  return browser

def test_title(browser):
  page = browser.newPage()
  assert page.title() == 'Headless Testing with Puppeteer and Playwright in the Cloud.'

To find out more, please see our PyTest and Playwright documentation page.

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