Codecept is an end-to-end testing framework for NodeJS.

It supports both Playwright and Puppeteer, so it's fully compatible with our service.

To get started, install Codecept and either Puppeteer or Playwright:

npm install codeceptjs puppeteer --save

Getting Started

To get started, create a new project. Choose either Puppeteer or Playwright and create a basic test.

npx codeceptjs init

A codecept.conf.js file should be created.

To use our service, please edit this file and make sure you set the browserWSEndpoint:

exports.config = {
  tests: './*_test.js',
  output: './output',
  helpers: {
    Puppeteer: {
      url: '',
      show: true,
      windowSize: '1200x900',
      chrome: {
        browserWSEndpoint: "wss://[YOUR-TOKEN]"
  include: {
    I: './steps_file.js'
  bootstrap: null,
  mocha: {},
  name: 'codecept',
  plugins: {
    retryFailedStep: {
      enabled: true
    screenshotOnFail: {
      enabled: true

Example Test

Now that you've configured everything, you can create a simple test and run it against our service:

Feature('My First Test');

Scenario('test something', (I) => {

Now you can run this test:

npx codeceptjs run --steps

You should now see output similar to this:

My First Test --
  test something
     I am on page ""
     I see "GitHub"